Marina Rules
Should you have any questions, please contact the marina office.

  1.  POLLUTION PREVENTION PRACTICES must be adhered to, and
       can be reviewed here:
Clean Boating        
  2.  Vehicle traffic is subject to a 5 MPH speed limit at all times within the
       entire marina property.
  3.  Park only in specified areas that will not impact travelift access and
       boat storage on land.  Ask at marina office if any question.
  4.  There is to be no fishing, crabbing or swimming from the piers,
       bulkheads or shoreline.
  5.  Boats are not to be lived upon while berthed at Whitehall Marina.  In
       the event Lessor believes this rule is not being properly adhered to
       your slip rental agreement may be terminated and/or not offered for
  6.  No equipment, fendering, accessories, etc. are to be installed to
       piers or bulkheads.  Whitehall Marina shall be the only installer of
       any such items                         
  7.  If dogs are to be brought to the marina, they must be kept on
       leashes at all times. Please clean up after your dog.
  8.  Contractors must have insurance certificates acceptable to and on
       file with Whitehall Marina prior to any work being started.
  9.  There is to be no conduct which might interfere (as deemed by
        Whitehall Marina) with the pleasure and comfort of neighbors, other
        lessees, tenants or lessors.
 10.  All trash must be deposited into the marina dumpster.
 11.  When a vessel enters the marina, it immediately falls under the
        jurisdiction of Whitehall Marina management and shall be berthed
        only where directed. Whitehall Marina reserves the right to move
        any boat in the absence of the owner, should the need arise.
        However, the vessel shall remain under the exclusive care, custody
        and control of the owner.
 12.  Electric receptacles shall be left free while vessel is unattended
        unless provisions have been made with Whitehall Marina
        management and charges for this service have been invoiced and
        paid for. Power cords are never to be left connected to any 20 amp
        (or less) receptacle while a boat is unattended. Provisions for
        supply of unattended electric service can only be made for 30 amp
        and greater circuits.
Whitehall Marina
1656 Homewood Landing Road,
Annapolis, MD 21409
Phone: 410-757-4819
Fax: 410-757-9418
Should you have any questions not answered here, feel free to call or email us.